What is vitJournals?

vitJournals is a reliable and easy to use manuscript submission software developed for scholarly journals.

Features of vitJournals

Fast and easy

Fast and easy to use system that speeds-up peer-review process.


User configurable software enabling you to adapt the software to your processes.


Automation of tasks such as referee reminders, reducing time of peer-review process.


User-specific task “to-do” lists and tracking of every stage of the process.

Client Says
“it has been a positive experience… new submission system makes the submission process quick and easy.”
Juan Aréchaga, Editor in Chief of The International Journal of Developmental Biology.
vitJournals Team
The vitJournals development team is made up of a range of dynamic professionals whose multidisciplinary backgrounds include: science, humanities, editorial, business management, information technology and web development, and marketing. Our varied experience as a team permits a unique knowledge of the various aspects of our market. We know what our clients need and seek to address these needs through the vitJournals system. We are constantly striving to improve and evolve our product in order to continue to address the needs of the users of our product.
Our goal is to reduce the work-load of busy editors and to provide an easy to use manuscript submission process that editors, authors and reviews will be happy to use.
The Unique Selling Points (USPs) of this product are its extreme ease of use and particularly competitive price. vitJournals is an intuitive management system which will reduce time-to-publishing of a scholarly article thus maximizing the journal´s potential. The submission process is quick and easy, ensuring author satisfaction and thus increasing the profile of the journal among its clients. Adaption of the vitJournals process will reduce costs associated with non-digital management methods and, more importantly, considerably reduce the time previously needed to complete the tasks from submission to author decision. These savings alone will more than pay for vitJournals within the short term. In the light of the current economic climate, we offer vitJournals at a very competitive price. E-mail us now (info@vitjournals.com) for a personalized quotation.